Medicine Hat Mall

Medicine Hat Mall is pleased to offer our shoppers a wide range of services to help make your shopping experience stress-free. Medicine Hat Mall has more for you. More hours, more choices, more stores, more selection and of course, more help.

Should you require further information please visit www.medicinehatmall.com

Downtown Medicine Hat

From business to pleasure, our downtown has it covered! There is a great variety of retail stores. On the professional front we have banks, law firms, the Court House, accountants, brokers, dentists, doctors, City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, employment services, government offices, non-profits, the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Theatre and last but not least the public library.

Socially we have pubs to restaurants, a growing coffee shop culture with a number of cafes all of these at some point offer entertainment as well as impeccable customer service.

For more information please visit www.downtownmedicinehat.com



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