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“Nothing is impossible! At the Medicine Hat Lodge, Trademark Collection by Wyndham we understand all weddings are different. Given time, we can accommodate any request that you may have.”

We have the extras to help make your day what you envisioned it to be.

  • Newly renovated ballrooms.
  • Private Lobby off ballrooms to receive your guests.
  • The finest buffet presentation for your guests.
  • Extra ceiling height for air circulation and great acoustics in the ballroom.
  • White glove service for plated meals.
  • Unique menus for you to choose from or we can create a special menu for you.
  • Deluxe Room accommodations for your guests.
  • Raised head table so the Bride and Groom can see and be seen by their guests.
  • Complimentary white table cloths and cream napkins.
  • A wide selection of colored cloth napkins to match your ensemble.
  • No clean up after function, we do it all for you!

We strive to make your day perfect. It is our goal to cater directly to you, the happy couple. You are unique & we want to create a day that is uniquely yours.

In our wedding package there are delicious menu options created by our Chef for your special day. However, when it comes to your wedding meal the sky is the limit. We can personalize your menu, whether you are working on a budget, want a menu based on cultural heritage or have a specific wedding theme. We can arrange a one on one meeting with our Catering Coordinator and Chef to set your budget & create a menu that fits within your wedding vision.

Complete Wedding Menus and Package

For 10 – 550, people from the informal to the traditional wedding, our banquet staff will tailor this special day to your personal requirements.

Our Catering Coordinator will be happy to give you a personal tour of the hotel and its facilities. Please give us a call if you have any questions or to begin the planning process for your special event.

The Romantic Getaway Package is complimentary for the Bride & Groom when you have 75 guests or more dining with one of our menu options.

Contact our Catering Coordinator at catering@medhatlodge.com or 403-502-8190 for availability, menu & pricing.

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We, the Brink/Brown & Brink/Orfino families give the Medicine Hat Lodge our most sincere and heartfelt recommendation to all who are looking for an amazing and top experienced team to work with in booking and hosting a Wedding Reception at the Medicine Hat Lodge.Words fail when trying to express how amazed and impressed we were 5 years ago for our Brink/Brown Wedding Reception….. August of 2015 we were so fortunate to host another wedding reception at the Medicine Hat Lodge.

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We initially chose the Medicine Hat Lodge because of the very obvious; Excellent Reputation, Established Vendor, Convenience, All Amenities on site or very close by and of course Affordable. But we also desired to work with someone who were sincere, honest, professional and were attention to detail minded while maintaining and placing emphasis on providing 100% customer satisfaction. We only found one vendor that could do this for us; The Medicine Hat Lodge – Team of Experts in their various departments. From the initial contact with Catering, Hotel Room Group Bookings etc. we were (still are) in complete awe of how incredible they accommodated and assisted us. Regardless of type of request and/or inquiry, we truly felt honored, respected, valued and treated as their absolute top priority.

To express our overall experience and satisfaction would take an entire novel to write, truthfully. In our efforts to give future customers a glimpse of our amazing experiences and why we believe wholeheartedly the Medicine Hat Lodge is  the absolute best, right and only choice for you too…….

  • Booking the Banquet Rooms for the Wedding Reception and a “Block” of hotel rooms were extremely easy and effortless.
    • Catering booked the Banquet Rooms and Venue Date for us and we were met with such genuine kindness, sincerity, helpfulness and it was extremely professional and efficient. Received follow up communications which made it even easier to stay connected throughout.
    • Group Bookings for the “block” of hotel rooms was another wonderful experience. We received our “Group Booking Reference #” promptly along with the room rate. The kind, sincere, helpful and efficient communication made us feel appreciated and welcomed. Received follow up communication and made moving forward a breeze.
  • Food/Wine tasting appointment was truly a highlight in our planning of the Menu. We were met with sincere enthusiasm and excitement. This is very highly recommended – Wonderful experience all around.
    • Catering and the Hotel Chef met with us and had a nice table set up for our food/wine tasting appointment. We were honored to be treated with such kindness and to have this special tasting appointment.
    • The food items we had requested, in advance, to taste, were unimaginable tasty and so exquisitely prepared and presented We were able to discuss the food choices, try some with different sauces. Were able to ask questions and receive excellent and expert advice. This appointment changed our daughter/son-in-laws menu choices and left a menu that was so fantastic in taste and presentation.
    • Another positive is that it provided an undeniable tasty and much visited Midnight Snack Buffet. Out of 205 guests, at least 120+ went through the line up – The Food/Wine tasting was worth every cent and effort.
  • Welcome/Thank You Bags – Individual and Personalized Bags Delivered to each of our Hotel Guests staying at the Medicine Hat Lodge. This was purely an act of kindness by the staff.
    • Catering, Group Booking and Reception Desk worked tirelessly together in delivering more than 52 “welcome/thank you bags” to each personal hotel room for our out of town hotel guests. European family members shared they were greeted in their hall by smiling and kind staff who carefully brought these individual and personalized bags to each specific hotel room for each specific hotel guest; family/single male/ single female/couples/shared rooms, etc. Staff didn’t know about our family having witnessed this. Receive word how they were cheerful and taking pride in delivering the bags meant so much to us.
    • This kind gesture was offered to us when we had inquired about dropping off ourselves. This was another above and beyond service received that was unexpected, but much appreciated amidst the final hours of the wedding rehearsal etc.
  • Booking of Separate Rooms for “Kids Club” – The Medicine Hat Lodge Catering worked together with our wedding planner in Making this yet another Additional Fantastic Experience/Service
    • Wedding Planner had created a “kids club” concept. The Medicine Hat Lodge accommodated us in every possible way. Truly gave us 100%+ service and more.
    • Some of the Medicine Hat Staff stepped in and helped with babysitting.
    • To walk in at the end of the night and see our precious grandson and a couple of other toddlers sleeping sweetly on the cots set up in one long row 🙂 Words cannot paint this angelic and peaceful feeling.
    • Each parent who had a young one (under the age of 10) have expressed they stayed till the very end because of the “kids club”. This was only possible because the Medicine Hat Lodge were so open, service minded and desired to provide each one with the best experience possible.
  • Wedding Reception – A Best Day Experience and Memory for a Life Time
    • Because of the Medicine Hat Lodge’s staffs attention to detail prior to the “day of” – We felt relaxed, confident and full of excitement for a wonderful evening with great tasting food and an evening to be remembered for a life time.
    • Each and every staff member were so kind, smiling and extremely efficient, but yet with a calming and mindful demeanor.
    • By the end of the evening all that was left to be said was; “and they lived happily ever after…..”

Thank you to the Medicine Hat Lodge for 2 indescribable and surreal Wedding Receptions. Regardless of elapsed time, it has only gotten better. Congratulations to the staff and management of the Medicine Hat Lodge for successfully and hands down being Number 1 and Most Definitely Our Top Choice.


Rick & Helle Brink

(For Brink, Brown and Orfino families)



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